We will ensure your fridge is always fully stocked with our wholesale fresh vegetables!

Produce Delivery

Produce Delivery | Best Fresh Produce

Do you constantly struggle to find time to go to the supermarket? Do you order take out because it’s quick and easy? We can save you time...

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Wholesale Fruit

Wholesale Fruit | Best Fresh Produce

What’s better than a deliciously fresh, crisp apple on a warm day, or being able to chop a fresh banana over your granola in the morning?

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Wholesale Vegetables

Wholesale Vegetables | Best Fresh Produce

Nothing beats coming home from work to a fridge full of fresh, seasonal vegetables, ready for you to turn into a delicious, hearty dinner...

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Our produce delivery service makes eating fresh easier than ever!

Welcome To Super Fresh Produce

Super Fresh Produce is determined to provide you with the best quality, local, wholesale fruit and vegetables for the lowest prices. Based in downtown Los Angeles, we offer fresh produce delivery within the LA area for your convenience. We have the most diverse range of fruit and vegetables imaginable, and only sell items of the highest quality. We also stock a range of specialty items and organic produce.

The profile of organic foods has risen considerably in the past several years, which has made it easier for the team at Super Fresh Produce to provide you with fantastic organic fruit and vegetables for lower prices. Organic produce tastes better, is better for your health, and is better for the environment.

We understand that you may lack the time required to visit farmer’s markets and search for the best, most local produce available, so let us do the work for you! Our produce delivery will ensure that your kitchen is always stocked with the best available fruits and vegetables, making cooking and eating healthily a breeze.

We are proud of the produce grown in California and are passionate about distributing it throughout Los Angeles. Sourcing our produce locally means that it gets to you faster and with minimal storage time for optimal freshness. We can provide you with the highest quality seasonal fruits and vegetables available, in any quantity you require. We also offer a great selection of those “hard to find” items that won’t be available in your regular supermarket.

Whether you’re looking to restock your fridge with some delicious, healthy, fresh produce, or you need an order for your commercial kitchen, Super Fresh Produce would be delighted to help.

Treat your body to delicious, local fruit and vegetables. Visit Super Fresh Produce today or call (213) 489-0960 for a quote or to place your order.

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